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5 Ways to Support Coral Conservation Without Getting Wet


My latest blog post for Scuba Diving. Check it out and reblog to spread ocean love. 


just an update i do want to say this blog will continue right now i’m just really busy catching up and keeping up with school and helping family. i do have some photos i’ll try to sort through and post of a dolphin photo id thing i got to do soon. thanks for sticking around.

Hi!! Sorry if this is ignorant, but how does injecting dye into the fish help track population? Wouldn't the dye hurt the lil fishy?
by Anonymous

no it’s fine! sorry I didn’t mention in the post but it’s just for a lab exercise on learning the method of mark and recapture. you catch and tag a certain number of fish than go back later and recatch the fish use statistics to estimate a population size. science! and no the fluorescence dye does not harm the fish promise