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i used to have a porcupine fish in my big tropical tank and he was really friendly and didnt mind getting touched (you could even pick him up out of the water if you wanted to, but obviously we didnt do that unless we needed) puffers are surprisingly calm, never once did i see him puff up
by Anonymous

that’s pretty cool, one of my goldfish lets me hand feed and pet her so i can believe that 




so it looks like I may very well be taking a course in New Zealand in December/January. do I have anyone from there or that’s been? if so what do you recommended doing or any other tips would be great


The people there are so nice, and the weather…

for most the class session I believe we’ll be in kaikoura but once the session is out I’ll have some time to do whatever else


Do Fish Feel Pain?


For any living organism, pain is quite a complex experience to measure, even more when the subject can’t self-report. Human beings and many other mammals vocalize our pain and display other obvious pain signals, but fish simply just trash about on the end of the fishing…


I was tagged by fightingforwhales so here it goes…


1. Tell us about any pets you have or used to have.

I have 2 dogs (one belgium shepherd mix, one lab mix), 3 cats, fish, and I had 6 rats at one point

2. Favorite song?

that’s like asking which cell in your heart is your favorite… i… i can’t

3. What makes you sad?

animal cruelty 

4. List some things that make you happy.

  • exploring
  • road trips/trips in general
  • photography
  • learning cool stuff about cool stuff
  • relaxing
  • a good beer
  • connecting with people
  • music

5. What’s the scariest moment you’ve ever had?

well i was in a car that landed in a ditch once, maybe that? or anytime i have to present in class…

6. Your biggest goal in life?

to save the lives of as many animals as possible

7. Would you rather spend your life in one place with your one true love, or stay single forever but travel the world?

if i can pick the place and when it happens sure

8. Favorite lotion/perfume scent?

new car smell

9. Countries you’ve been to?

besides the u.s., just canada and that was a long a time ago now

10. Favorite flavor of ice cream?

anything chocolate

(in a hurry so i won’t tag anyone specific, if you want to do it then go for it)