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Is there any way to have a career with marine life even though I'm afraid of deep/large bodies of water? I love marine life so much but I've got this horrible fear of drowning which ultimately means I can't scuba dive or even go on a cruise because it scares me so much. I don't even think it's possible though. :/
by Anonymous

it may make your journey more difficult, but it’s certainly not impossible. it may limit what you can do but it doesn’t mean you can’t do anything with marine life. you could do studies/lab work, teach and probably 10 billion other things you’d never think of. really sorry you have the fear, the ocean is a beautiful place

Hello!I really want to become an oceanographer,but i need help on what to study?Or what to expect?Thank you in advance!
by Anonymous

sorry this took so long to reply too, i suck but yea check out some of these links:

basically you can expect a lot of science (duh) but i mean every aspect: geography, geology, chemistry, biology, physics all that. you’ll learn basics about the earth and the atmosphere, space and all and then you’ll of course learn about all aspects of the ocean. anyway check out the links, they’ll provide a lot more info. 

Have you seen the shark about the massive great white that was like swallowed whole and they have no idea what ate it? If you haven't you should check it out 'Something Ate This Shark...But What?' on Smithsonian Channel on youtube. What are your thoughts? Like I legit think the megaladon's are still swimming about kicking because what else could have done it.
by Anonymous

yep i know what you’re talking about, i either posted or reblogged something about it but i don’t want to look for it but most likely it was probably a larger white shark. 

Sneaky here again. You should take a nap. Really, though, you have a great blog. Please keep up the great work.
by Anonymous

thanks i did, and it was nice. and thank you : )

Hey, hey, I'm a sneaky. How are you?
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Hey sneaky, i’m just relaxing, avoiding responsibilities and considering taking a nap like 

top 5 blogs ( i need new blogs to follow :P)

oh geez well i don’t know that i have favorite blogs but there are some that i see/reblog more than others and i’m assuming you mean marine/animal related so here’s a few you might enjoy if you aren’t already in no specific order:






animalsandlandscapes (ha ok that’s my other blog but shh)










i’m sure you’re following a few already but i went down my reblogs and that’s who came up for the most part