Try Not To Drown

After receiving more than 13,500 letters from Center for Biological Diversity supporters, the federal government decided on Wednesday to put a hold on a fishery’s permit to harm and kill marine animals off the California coast.

The National Marine Fisheries Service was about to approve California’s swordfish gillnet fishery to “take” (harm, injure or kill) endangered fin, sperm and humpback whales, even after the recent entanglement of two sperm whales in the fishery’s long, deadly nets — which also snare and drown bottlenose dolphins, loggerhead sea turtles, California sea lions and many other imperiled animals.

But after the Center rallied our online activists, the Fisheries Service announced it would withhold the permit until after a meeting is held next week to discuss possible emergency measures to reduce interactions with whales and other endangered species.

"This is a huge victory for sperm whales and other marine mammals," said the Center’s Catherine Kilduff. "These incredible whales are already struggling under the stress of climate change, loud noises from military exercises and other threats. Nobody wants more whales to die in California gillnets for a swordfish steak."

Read full press release here

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